10 Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

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Here, we take a look at the 10 symptoms researchers consider to be red flags. While they could be nothing, the researchers say the point is to recognize that they could also be cancer— and to ask your doctor to check your symptoms out.

1. Persistent Cough or Hoarseness

While a cough here and there is nothing to worry about, a consistent cacophony or a cough accompanied by blood is definitely cause for concern.

Most coughs are not cancer, But certainly a persistent cough needs to be evaluated to see if it could be lung cancer. Your physician should recommend a chest X-ray or CT scan to rule out cancer as a possibility.


2. Persistent Change in Bowel Habits

When your bowel movements aren’t as easy as they once were or your stool appears larger than normal or somewhat deformed, this could be a sign of colon cancer.

5. Persistent Change in Bladder Habits

If there is blood in the urine, that could be indicative of bladder or kidney cancer—but more commonly this is a sign of a urinary tract infection.

8. Persistent Unexplained Pain

Most pain is not a sign of cancer, but persistent pain must be checked out. If you have persistent headaches, for example, you likely don’t have brain cancer—but it is still something that must be looked into. Persistent pain in the chest could be a sign of lung cancer. And pain in your abdomen could be ovarian cancer.

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9. Unexplained Weight Loss

As adults, we try very hard to lose weight. But if weight is falling off of you without any effort on your part, that is a big concern and can be indicative of a serious medical problem.

10. Change in the Appearance of a Mole

While not all moles are indicative of melanoma, spotting a new mark or one that has change.
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