3 Remedies for a Flat Tummy

Written by Gloria Irabor

Having a flat tummy is not automatic, neither is it a day’s job. Pot bellies, flabby stomachs can be a burden or source of worry and concern for many individuals.

Notwithstanding, there are three(3) beverages you can Introduce into your diet to help you get a flat tummy:


1. Green tea

Green tea is a special kind of tea that contains catechins which aids flattening of the belly as well as reduce the accumulation of fats around the belly.

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In addition, green tea also prevents the body from ailments such as heart attack.

2. Black tea

Black tea is another type of tea that helps a lot when it comes to reducing the pot belly and enhance a nice waistline. When it comes to taking black tea, it is advisable for one to be taking three cups a day for it to work.

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3. Blended pineapple juice

This juice goes beyond just having a sweet taste. It flattens the belly as well. Pineapple juice contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps a lot in breaking down proteins in the body.

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