8 Countries Where College And Universities Can Be 100% Free

8 Countries Where College And Universities Can Be 100% Free

We all have the dream to have free colleges everywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere.  There are however certain countries in the world where the taxpayer pays the bill for all students looking to get a college degree.

The countries in this list are mainly in Europe and have cultures that “take care of each other”.  These socialist countries usually have higher income tax rates, but it’s well worth it if you’d like to have health care and college tuition all paid and taken care of.

Ask yourself this question before moving to one of these countries, is free college important to you?  If it is, then this list starting below is all for you:


1) Denmark

Top Colleges & Universities In Denmark

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Aurhus University———-Time Higher Education World Ranking #106

University of Copenhagen——-Times Higher Education World Ranking #82

Technical University of Denmark——–Time Higher Education World Ranking #167

Aalborg University———Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250

Copenhagen Business School———–Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250

University of Southern Denmark———–Time Higher Education World Ranking #301-350

2) Estonia

Public Universities In Estonia

Tallinn University——-Not ranked

Tallinn University of Technology———Not ranked

University of Tartu——–Not ranked.

3) Finland.

Top 10 Public Universities in Finland

University of Helsinki———-Administrative Staff – 8000 Employees

Abo Academy University———–Administrative Staff – 1300 Employees

University of Turku———–Administrative Staff – 3319 Employees

University of Tampere——–Administrative Staff – 1982 Employees

University of Jyvaskyla———-Administrative Staff – 2583 Employees

University of Oulu————-Administrative Staff – 2852 Employees

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University of Vaasa————-Administrative Staff – 498 Employees

University of Lapland————–Administrative Staff – 633 Employees

University of Eastern Finland————–Administrative Staff – 2800 Employees

Aalto Universirty———-Administrative Staff – 4424 Employees

4) Norway

Most Popular Universities In Norway

University of Oslo———Number of Full Time Students – 27,628

University of Bergen———–Number of Full Time Students – 17,000

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences——-Number of Full Time Students – 16,000

University of Tromso———-Number of Full Time Students – 9500

University of Stavanger——-Number of Full Time Students – 9000

5) Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

Top Colleges In The Capital – Bratislava

University of Economics In Bratislava——–Popular Study Program – Business Management

University of Technology In Bratislava——Popular Study Program – Civil Engineering

Comenius University In Bratislava——-Popular Study Program – Mathematics and Physics

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University of Performing Arts In Bratislava——Popular Study Program – Music and Dance

Academy of Fine Arts and Design In Bratislava——Popular Study Program – Architecture

6) Slovenia.

Top College In Slovenia

University of Ljubljana————-Established in 1919

7) Sweden.

Colleges With More Than 20,000 students in Sweden

Lund University———-Student Population – 23,539

Stockholm University———Student Population – 21,121

University Of Gothenburg——Student Population – 22,434

8) Turkey

Turkey has over 178 different universities to choose coursework from :

Here Are 3 Of The Oldest Universities

Ankara University———Established – 1946

Istanbul Universities——Established – 1933

Istanbul Technical University——Established – 1944

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