Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe You Will Love

Written by Gloria Irabor

A salad is a cold dish that is mostly mixed with fresh but raw or sometimes cooked vegetables. Salads are usually seasoned with salt, vinegar, oil or even more dressings of your choice.

Depending on preferences, other people prefer accompanying the salads with dishes like chicken, fish, meat and other ingredients.
Salad is a quick fix and can be a go to if you have a busy or lazy day.


Different types of salads are made differently. But there a way to make simple and perfect salads. Salads are meant to be fun and crunchy.

For salad recipes to be delicious, it has to be good with the salad dressing. A good dressing can make you fall in love with salads. Vegetable salads are full of varieties.

We have the Lettuce and mixed vegetable salads, Broccoli and cauliflower salads, Vegan black beans and sweet potatoes salads, Lemon and peas salads, Cucumber salads, amongst others.

Here we would be learn on how to prepare the Lettuce and mixed vegetable salads: Let’s go!

Mixed greens
Olive oil
Vinegar/lime juice
Maple syrup/honey
Black pepper
Large bowl
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How to make a vegetable salad
Coleslaw salad
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Ensure the greens intended to be used for salads are dry. After washing the greens, you can dry spin on low heat just to make sure that there is indeed no water or you can take a piece of clean towel place the mixed veggies on the towel to air dry for a while.

Ensure the greens are properly cut, they have to be in a nice sizable size to make it easier to chew.

Take your big bowl and put the greens in it.
Add to the bowl your preferred vegetable. The carrots, cucumber, some herbs if any among others.

After the mixture of veggies, it’s time to add the salad dressing. Take a whisk and add your olive oil and vinegar/lemon onto the mixture, then start whisking them, slowly and gently.

Also, add a little sweetness to your dressing. Take your honey or maple syrup and equally mix with the previous dressing, balance is key.

Ensure you taste your dressing to find out if to add or adjust sweetness or acidity.
Before you forget, add salt and pepper to your salad.

Finally, add any other thing that you may want in your salad like, cheese, nuts, etc.
Mix it up with your clean hands if need be, and set it aside.

Your salad is ready to be served!

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