How to Know If You Are Intelligent

Written by Gloria Irabor

Every individual has different levels of intelligence quotient (IQ). The level of intelligence can be determined by the person’s actions, behavior and speech.

If you have two or more of the qualities listed below, then you fall into the category of the intellectuals:

1. You are always seeking for knowledge

Intelligent people love and go after knowledge. If you are like this, you tend to spend most of your time looking for relevant information. You read books and other sources of information in order to enlighten yourself on different topics in life.


2. You are Internet savvy

The Internet has changed the life of man in different ways. If you hardly spend days without browsing, you must be intelligent because you know that you can find knowledge online and always go for the same.

3. You work late

If you are an intelligent person, you often retire to bed late because you spend most of your time working. You know that hard work pays. You can be seen online most of the time while looking for information on different subjects.

4. You own few electronic gadgets

Intelligent persons only have gadgets that they feel are crucial. Too many electronic gadgets will waste your time. You obviously know that you require only a few gadgets to change your life for the better.

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