How to Make Semolina for Babies

Written by Gloria Irabor

Semolina meal is good for babies who breastfeed or who receive no breastfeeding for various reasons and also for toothless babies who cannot chew.
It is a nourishing meal that helps them gain weight and grow perfectly.

If you are cooking semolina for a baby, you need to make it totally liquid, something between a porridge and a soup to make it easy for the baby to swallow, with alot of milk and water.


Semolina has the ability to quickly absorb water or milk and become thick. This is why it’s necessary to take only a little semolina and add several times as much water or milk.

Note that this meal for babies is usually cooked for only one serving. It’s quite unhealthy to give your baby any leftovers. The health of babies require only fresh food.
Also note that all porridges that are being cooked for babies should better be cooked with water, not with milk. You can add milk and sugar while boiling.

There are several recipes for making semo for babies but here’s one of them:

1. Take a cup of clean water (about 200ml) and let it boil. When it’s boiling already, add 2 teaspoons of semolina. While cooking, stir or whip the porridge with a spoon or a fork to cook semolina without lumps. Cook for about 12 to 15 minutes.

2. Add ½ cup of hot but not yet boiling milk and one teaspoon of sugar. Let the porridge boil again and remove from the fire. The porridge (about 200g) should be very watery. The total cooking time is 20 minutes.
NOTE: Do not reduce the cooking time to make all the ingredients safe for the baby’s body.

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