Know Six Natural Benefits of Eating Okra.

Know Six Natural Benefits of Eating Okra.

The scientific name of okra is Abelmoschus esculentus. Okra is a flowering vegetable plant that is also known as ladies fingers. It has got many benefits to the human body as listed below.

Good for the brain


Eating okra is believed to help in having a good memory. People who have low memory are advised to consume a lot of okra to gain theie memory.

Boosts immunity

Vitamin C anti-oxidant in okra is a good immunity booster. It helps to fight against viruses and diseases in the human body.

Heals ulcers

okra is the best thing for those people suffering ulcers. Its alkalinity helps in neutralizing the acid in the digestive tract leaving you free from disturbing acid.

For beautiful skin

okra gives you a smooth skin and leaves you looking beautiful and glowing.

Helps in constipation

okra has got digestive benefits beacause of high fibre content. The fibre helps in constipation hence helps stool move smoothly in the digestive tract.

Healthy eyes

okra has got vitamin A, which is good for the optic nerve. It can help in reducing cataracts and give one good sights, especially during the night.

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