Never Do These 3 Things After a Meal

Written by Gloria Irabor

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are certain things you should never do after eating.

These things are not healthy for your body system and could disrupt normal body operations or cause general weakness of the human body.

1. Sleep


This is the worst thing to do after eating. Eating and then hitting the bed immediately is likely to make your stomach burn while in bed. Wait for some time before you retire to bed after you have heard a meal for the sake of your health.

2. Smoke

It is very unhealthy to smoke after eating. Smoking is among the most dangerous practices you can engage in. Smoking will only make your lungs weaker. It also opens you up to various kinds of diseases. Avoid cigarette if you want to live longer.

3. Shower

Showering after a meal is not recommended because it tends to increase the flow of blood into your body, weakens your digestive system, and can make you feel stomach pain.

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