New Facebook Feature Allows Users To Lip-Sync Favorite Songs

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Facebook has introduced two big changes regarding the way music can be used on the platform.

These new changes enable users to include music within personal videos and choose from a variety of songs for a new feature called Lip Sync Live.

The social media giant is testing out options to let people include music from these catalogues (which includes millions of titles) within their personal videos, before proceeding to roll out this capacity on a global level in the near future.

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Earlier this year the company clinched music licensing deals with all three major labels, allowing users increased benefits musically.

The Lip Sync Live is an idea reminiscent of what popular apps like or Dubsmash have already done.

While the feature is being tested in select markets for now, the pool of songs available is in the hundreds, including popular titles like “Havana” by Camila Cabello and “God’s Plan” by Drake.

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Watch the demo below;


Lip Sync Live also has a “With” option, so friends can be brought into the video, and camera effects can be used to add different backgrounds and other creative touches.

If Lip Sync Live is available for you, it will appear as an option when starting a Live video so you can then select a song from the list, and add a description and further customizations.

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When broadcasting, friends will see what artist and song you’re lip-syncing to, and they can tap to follow the artist on Facebook.

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