Pre-wedding Photo Ideas You Can Adopt

Written by Gloria Irabor

Pre-wedding photos are still very much in vogue. Taking a picture before your big day gives you time to bond with your partner and take your mind off the wedding for a while.

Here are some pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that will surely keep you smiling long after your wedding:

1. Studio pictures should be lively


Staying in the studio and taking pictures doesn’t have to be boring. You can spice things up, bring costumes and just enjoy yourself with the love of your life.

2. Pick a location and have fun

Location pictures can be fun. The ideas are limitless, a hotel, a beach, be creative. You can pick a costume and just fit in with the times, it promises to be amazing.

3. Include funny Pictures

Having a good sense of humour is good for a relationship and showing it in pictures will keep you smiling long after your wedding. Especially if you remember the memory that made you laugh in the first place.

You can always get creative with your pre-wedding photos. Let’s be honest it’s really not about the pictures it’s about the memories you make while taking them. Always remember to take these photos during your wedding.

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