The Himba People in Namibia Don’t Take Baths With Water, Why?

Written by Oluseyi Adefowora

Namibia could be a stunning country that sits within the southern a part of continent. The country includes a exciting landscape that’s surround  with wonderful mountains.  The Fish watercourse ravine, gold-grass plains of the Kalahari and life.  All of those create African nation a noteworthy traveler destination.

However, the peculiar custom of the Himba tribe in African nation has brought her to the international spotlight, particularly in recent times. What makes them common involves not simply their fascinating custom.  However conjointly their method of life, covering and economy.

The Himba folks, conjointly thought to be the Omuhimba or Ovahimba folks, leave in northern part of African nation, particularly within the Kunene region.


The Himba people farmers, they raise completely different breeds of farm animal particularly goats, cattle, sheep, etc.  The ladies collect firewood around, explore for potable water, cook and serve meals.  Some members of the tribe area unit non secular and socially inclined. They worshiping gods of their ancestors. They will be polygamous, marrying several of their women off at associate early age.

One peculiar thing about this tribe is that they do not take baths with water

This can be largely as a result of their harsh atmospheric condition. The Himba people leaves in the foremost extreme environments on earth with the cruel desert climate and therefore the inaccessibility of potable water.

How they take their baths

However, their lack of bathing has not resulted into lack of non-public hygiene. Members of the tribe apply red ochre on their skin. Later partake in a very daily smoke tub so as to keep up sensible hygiene.

To do this, they place smouldering charcoal into a touch bowl of herbs (mostly leaves and small branches of genus Commiphora trees). Then they bow over the smoking bowl till they begin wet. For a full body wash, they covered themselves with a blanket in order not to allow the smoke to escape out.

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