This Water Gun Has An Ammo Counter And Charges With USB

The Spyra One, resembles the water guns looks basically like your typical water gun. It not only shoots a stream of water; it precisely shoots measured bursts of “water” tand can hit targets up to 25 feet away.

There’s a pump that refills the tank just by dunking the front of the Spyra One into a pool, or anything that has water. It takes about 14 seconds to refill. There’s also no pumping, either. The same pump keeps the tank pressurized so you’d be able to spray water. It also has a display that shows a digital ammo counter. Ain’t that sick.


The Spyra One also features a rechargeable battery, which should last for around 45 fill cycles before you’ll need to recharge.

The Spyra One, can be charged by plugging it in a standard USB-C cable.

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