Top 10 Fertility Foods That Increase Chance of Getting Pregnant

We live in a time where our bustling way of life changes the manner in which we are typically expected to be. The consistent circling, the worry from work and everything else create disorder in our body. We usually eat whatever we get when we are working.

We don’t have much time to follow up practicing good eating habits. Therefore the human body breakdown and sometimes affects fertility in male and female. Not consuming the right nutrients and having an insecure immune system also affect fertility.

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Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided a long list of foods that helps to increase fertility. By consuming these foods, women can have higher chance of getting pregnant. Here are those top ten foods to boost fertility;

#10 Citrus Fruits

Fertility should not be the concern of the women only. Men should worry about their fertility as well. It is a well-known fact that Vitamin C found in citrus fruits raises the sperm count rate. Not only that, it also increases the motility of the sperm cells in order for them to reach the female egg.

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Vitamin C helps to bring hormone balance in the female body. So instead of having a morning coffee, try having an orange or lemon juice to get the Vitamin C.

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