Unripe Plantain and Its Benefits

Written by Gloria Irabor

Unripe plantain can be really awesome. They contain a high proportion of iron which helps in the production of blood cells.

You can eat unripe plantains fried or boiled or cook it as a meal of pottage. Here are some benefits of eating this special food:

1. Eating unripe plantains could be an alternative way of preventing and treating anemia because they are high in iron.


2. It helps to reduce risk of diabetes
Unripe plantains have fibrous bulk that is filling, but they are low in carbohydrates and consequently, sugar! This comes in handy for people who want to lose weight, and people who are diabetic too.

3. It helps with bowel movement and promotes digestive health

This is due to its high fiber content. It also contains calcium that helps to make the bones and teeth of the little ones grow in strong.

4. Eating unripe plantain helps to build your strength and vitality, and it helps to improve sperm count.

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