Venezuela Claims Drones Loaded With Explosives Were Used in Failed Attack On President

Venezuela President

President Nicolás Maduro was giving a speech at a military event in Caracas which was being screened live on television when the incident occurred.

Footage of the speech shows the president. He was flanked by military generals and with his wife also standing alongside. Interrupted mid-flow by what appears to be a blast from above them.

The people in the shot react by looking startled and looking up. The audio to the video cuts out before the blast we can hear the blast.


Footage of the incident from a different camera angle showing a panorama view of a military parade at a standstill during the speech, does include the sound of a blast. Afterwards people are pushing into and then running into the frame. The soldiers break rank in panic.

Venezuela’s president has blamed Colombia for the attack — an accusation that has been refuted by the neighboring state as “baseless”.

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