Warm Water and Lemon…a Huge Plus to Your Health

Written by Gloria Irabor

Warm water mixed with lemon juice is a preventive medicine to several health issues.

Lemon water is made by squeezing a couple of lemons inside a cup of water. You can choose to add ginger or honey for added taste.

Drinking warm water with lemon can be beneficial for your health in many ways. Here are the most common ones.


1. Great for the heart
The Vitamin C found in lemon is beneficial for you. It can reduce your chances of having cardiovascular diseases, stroke and can even lower your blood pressure.

2. Helps improve the skin
The Vitamin C in lemon also helps to reduce skin wrinkling and the water can keep your skin from losing moisture.

3. It helps with weight loss
Lemons contain polyphenol oxidants which help to reduce weight gain that’s caused by fatty diet. So if you’re looking to lose a few kilograms, lemon water can be a nice addition to your daily diet.

4. It helps with digestion
If you often experience digestive problems like gas and heartburn, drinking warm water with lemon can be helpful. You can even take a cup of it every morning and it will serve as a laxative to prevent constipation and get your digestive system moving.

5. Freshens your breath
Lemon can help to remove powerful stench and neutralize strong odors. Consider drinking warm water and lemon if you just had a meal that has strong smells like garlic, onions, and fish. You can also drink water and lemon after your meals or first thing in the morning to prevent dry mouth which often causes bad breath.

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