Why African Cherry (Agbalumo) is Useful to Pregnant Women

Written by Gloria Irabor

Agbalumo, also known as African cherry, is a natural delicious fruit that is usually dark orange in colour. It has a sour-sweet taste and can be be added to fruit salads or eaten fresh and raw.

Agbalumo is one of the best fruits for pregnancy because it provides much energy and is rich in all kinds of vitamins, potassium, calories, carbohydrate,fats and protein.
But how does African cherry (Agbalumo) relate with pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period in the life of a woman. And because of this, diet and daily menu is the most important factor to consider. The foetus in the womb must get all the necessary vitamins and useful elements from natural products such as fruits and vegetables to aid its growth.


This is where agbalumo comes in with it’s numerous benefits. Below are some of them:

1. Keeps the heart healthy

Pregnant women are responsible for at least two hearts. Eating African cherry is good for your heart health. Agbalumo can decrease the sugar in blood and cholesterol levels, and as a result, improve your health.

2. Cures stomach ache

Agbalumo naturally cures stomach pain and diarrhea issues. Both the fruit and it’s plant leaves are good for a woman’s body during pregnancy.

3. Serves as an ideal antioxidant

Natural elements contained in agbalumo work as antioxidants. They protect our bodies from the free radicals and work great for all body organs.

4. Source of energy

Pregnancy period requires you to stay active and get enough energy to get through the long 9 months of expectation. African cherry contains enough energy to provide you for the day along with good contain of vitamin C. Besides, this low-calorie food can make you feel full and save you from hunger.

5. It prevents nausea

Sometimes a pregnant woman feels dizzy and has to vomit. Eating agbalumo can be a great way to prevent vomiting. This is a natural reliever that can always be in your pockets or your bag just in case you suddenly feel like throwing up.

So, having cravings for agbalumo while you are pregnant is nothing to worry about. Eat and enjoy them as much as you want while you prepare to have a healthy baby.

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