3 Interesting Facts About Sickle Cell Aneamia

Written by Gloria Irabor

Sickle Cell Disease is one that affects the blood cells. Ideally, everyone’s blood cells circular in shape but people with Sickle Cell have a number of blood cells that are shaped like a half letter C. That’s why its called “Sickle” Cell Disease because the cells are literally shaped like a sickle.

This disease usually leads to major side effects and long-term health complications.Here are facts you need to know about sickle cell:


1. It is a genetical disease

You do not get Sickle Cell Disease from viruses or bacteria. You get it through genetic transmission or genes.

Everyone of has a DNA. The DNA coding of an average human is GAG, CTC. For the RNA it is GAG. A person who has Sickle Cell Disease has those genes mutated. It shows as GTG, CAC for DNA and GUG for the RNA.

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Children can easily inherit it from their parents if both parents have the sickle cell “trait”. If one parent has the disease or trait and the other one doesn’t, the child most likely won’t get the disease they will only inherit the trait of it.

If you have this disease or trait, it is very important to be careful who you would be with and double check to see if they have a trait or the disease as well.

2. Other regions besides Africa carry it

Although, we have more Africans living with sickle cell disease according to world statistics. But people from other regions such as India, South America, Central America, Saudi Arabia, and in the Caribbeans also carry it as well. You would hear more about it in African Americans because that is the most concentrated area that it is in.

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3. There are four types of sickle cell disease

Not many people know that there are actually different versions of the sickle cell disease. The first one is called Hemoglobin SS. This one is considered the worst type and the symptoms are at the highest. This comes from the hemoglobin S gene from both parents.

The second one down is the hemoglobin SC. This one comes from one parent having the hemoglobin C gene and the other one having the S gene. The symptoms of this type are similar but a little less than SS.

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The third one down is SB+ thalassemia. This one is caused by the Hb S gene causing red blood cells to appear smaller because of the beta protein not being produced.

Hemoglobin SB 0 thalassemia is the last type of sickle cell. This one is occasionally more severe compared to the Hb SS.

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