5 Benefits To Quilting with A Machine

5 Benefits To Quilting with A Machine

Machines are designed to make work easier and faster for us. Sometimes you want to quilt several layers of fabrics together, a process that can be tedious and time-consuming.

You might even spend a whole day quilting a single piece especially when it’s with your bare hands. So, you will need to invest in a quilting machine that will make the process less cumbersome. Below are benefited you can derive from using a machine to quilt.

Less Time Consuming
Quilting is a very tedious task that will take longer to accomplish by hand, especially if you are dealing with heavy and thick fabrics.

With hands, you can find yourself taking more man-hours to complete a single product compared to the machine which will lessen the man-hours by up to a half.

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This means that you will end up producing more products that translate into more money. Most quilting machines in the market can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Lessens the Hand Work
Using the quilting machine will help do away with much of handwork.

With the machine, you will be able to quilt major parts, but still, there are parts the machine will not reach; hence you will have to again use your hands to patch them up.

This makes it more convenient to do your needlework with your hands when putting the final touches on your products.

The End Result is Professional
With mechanical quilting machines, you will in most cases do the difficult part since the machine will rely on you to guide it, unlike computerized quilting machines which are programmed.

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Despite this, using quilting machines to quilt will guarantee you a neat and professional outcome. The machines will produce extremely neat, well-aligned and even stitches compared to when you use your bare hands. With the hands, a lot of errors can be made and the end product may not be accepted by the buyer.

Gives You Maximum Control
Machines, especially the computerized ones allow you to have maximum control of your quilting process. They allow you to adjust the settings to suit your needs.

You can choose the speed of stitching, the number of stitches per minute, needle position and stitch length among others. If you don’t like something, all you need to do is just adjust.

Also, the machines come with a nice working space with some having the option to expand the working space. This serves to make it easy to manipulate your fabrics with relative ease as you quilt.

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Less Stressful and Safer
Quilting with a machine will greatly relieve you from the bodily stresses as compared to using your bare hands. Unintentionally, you will sharpen your overall focus abilities and improve greatly your hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, you will not have to deal with hand injuries every now and again, unlike when you use your bare hands when you will be pricking yourself with the sewing needle most times.

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