Adamawa Speaker Runs Away With Maze

Written by Gloria Irabor

There was drama at the Adamawa State House of Assembly on Wednesday when the Mace of the Assembly was smuggled out in order to to avert the impeachment of outgoing governor Mohammed Ji brilla Bindow.

Reports reveal that the Assembly had convened on Tuesday to consider the executive letter from the governor to proceed a on two weeks leave.

The proceeding however turned out sour when several members argued that governor Bindow should not go on leave at such a crucial period what he ought to stay in office to explain some decisions he took in the last four years.

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Governor Bindow was accused of trying to abscond from office because of some malfeasance; leading to raised tension in the Assembly.

The situation reportedly got out of hand when the speaker, Kabiru Mijinyawa, was accused of over-protecting the governor.

Mijinyawa, however, quickly exited the chamber with the mace, with the assistance of the sergeant-at-arms.

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