Andy Ruiz – What Anthony Joshua Should do if I Beat Him Again

Andy Ruiz - What Anthony Joshua Should do if I Beat Him Again
Written by Oluseyi Adefowora

Mexican-American professional boxer, Andy Ruiz Jnr has advised Anthony Joshua to quickly embark on a break from boxing if he loses to him for the second time.

Ruiz defeated Joshua to win IBF, WBA and WBO titles in June, at Madison Square Garden. The Mexican boxer defeated Joshua in the seventh round.

Joshua’s defeat to Ruiz Jr has derailed his bid to become the undisputed heavyweight champion

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With the duo getting ready to have a rematch in December, Andy Ruiz Jnr has advised Joshua to go on a quick break if he fails to regain his world titles.


“I think he should take a little break if I beat him,” Ruiz Jr told Sky Sports.

“Let him recuperate, but one or two losses are not going to make a difference.He’s still a warrior, he’s still a great fighter, and I’m sure he’ll bounce back.”

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He said: “I think I had to grieve and ask myself all the questions you would expect.’ People say “you lost”, I call it a blip.”

“I can’t wait to get in there and fight him. Every time I have fought a champion I have risen to the occasion,”

If AJ should lose to Ruiz Jr a second time, he will have a long road back to challenging the likes of British rival Tyson Fury and WBC champion Deontay Wilder

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