BREAKING: Oyo Govt Commences Mass Polio Immunisation For Children Under 5

BREAKING: Oyo Govt Commences Mass Polio Immunisation For Children Under 5
Written by Oluseyi Adefowora

Oyo State government has said there was no polio case in the state just as it commences mass polio immunization of children age zero years to five years by Saturday.

Oyo state health educator, Mr. Olarinde Olaoye said the May 2019 First Scale outbreak polio response campaign in the state was to ensure the state remains polio-free.

Olaoye, who spoke at a one-day sensitization meeting with Oyo State social mobilization committee members, said cases of vaccine-derived polio cases had already been recorded in the neighboring Lagos, Ogun and Kwara states, so necessitating that all children in the state are protected.

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According to him, aside from the health facilities that provide immunization services for children, vaccinators will also be visiting homes, schools, and religious house to administer the vaccine.


Mrs. Eunice Niyilola, the state’s immunization officer said polio immunization coverage of Oyo State is less than 70 percent and described it as a challenge.

While urging parents and caregivers to support the vaccination exercise, she said children are only conferred full protection from polio after they had taken at least four doses of polio vaccine.

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She added, “So it is also part of efforts to boost their immunity against polio. There is no means of preventing polio aside immunization.”

Mrs. Niyilola called on the social mobilization committee members to help spread in their communities the importance of vaccinating children.

She declared that the state still has many children, especially in hard to reach places, missing out from vaccination.

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State Director, National Primary Health Development Agency, Mr. Steven Akinrinade said the polio response campaign was central to ensuring that Nigeria is certified polio-free.

Mr. Akinrinade urged the members of the Oyo State social mobilization committee members to continue to support the immunization of children in their communities to increase vaccination compliance.

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