Gay Activist Bisi Alimi Says, Christianity And Islam Are Arrogant Religions

Gay Activist Bisi Alimi Says, Christianity And Islam Are Arrogant Religions

Bisi Alimi has criticized Christianity and Islam after a Christian sent him a mail preaching to him.

portion out a screenshot of the mail, the gay rights activist wrote:

Got this via email today and it sends out few messages for me;

1- Abrahamic religion is a haughty self-loathing religion. I know some people will come here and say not all Muslims or not all Christian, but the truth be told, the world will be a good place without these two bloodthirsty narcissistic religions
2- it sends a message that homophobia has no border or border, some are just more sensitive with Theo fateful bullshit than others.
3- That religion is a self-hating and malicious movement that notwithstanding what it says, lack the constituent of human connection, affinity, and care.
4- finally that like every other idiot online battering behind religion, this person (possibly a man) that sends this message needs love and protection more than I do.

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visualize me, being a young or endangered gay man, still, grapple with my s*xuality as either a Christian or a Muslim. Still being hunted by the fear of hellfire and opening my inbox and accept this kind of message from someone who doesn’t know me but thinks that he/ she is doing me a favor by designate that hellfire is my portion?

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This is why I will never give a yard in grace to religion, it doesn’t matter how it is exercise, it is still rooted in haughtiness and self-loathing.


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