I Didn’t Say I Will Never Marry- Don Jazzy

Written by Gloria Irabor

Mavin CEO, Don Jazzy has debunked media sayings that he said he would never marry.

Following popular tweets have been making the rounds with the headline “Don Jazzy is not ready for marriage”.


According to the pop star there was an interview he granted which must have misrepresented his thoughts.

He had said:

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“I want to work on myself until I am ready. By the time I am ready, if someone still wants to be with me, that would be great. It is not like I am looking for a wife and cannot find one. There are lots of nice and beautiful ladies out there. I don’t think I am there yet. I am not in a hurry”

After the twists and misinterpretations wenot viral, Don Jazzy came online and wrote:

“People will come and interview you. you will tell them about how you went to the moon and back. how u invented the best thing since slice bread etc. they will still go and use headline like “donjazzy will never marry”. making it feel like that’s why we are here. i hail o.”

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