I want to be an Inspiration to other albinos – Whiteman

I want to be an Inspiration to other albinos - Whiteman
Written by Austin Oni

Regardless your views and thoughts about albinos, Whiteman with initial name Omotore Adebayo, says he is proud of the colour of his skin.

The singer and entertainer is under the label ‘Money Making Machine Gang’.

He told the media that he had an everlasting craving for music.


Whiteman said, “I acknowledge the competitive manner at which the music industry run, but I am prepare for the challenge.

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I want to be a role model for albinos who are hiding their talents because of their skin colour.

Whiteman making it known that he on a five year deal with his record label.

He further stated that, “I and my record label company is one big family and we are happy together.

Truthfully, i’m very comfortable with the terms of the contract and i feel at home here.”

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