Kolade Johnson’s Father Speaks on Death of His Son

Written by Gloria Irabor

The father of Kolade Johnson, the football fan who was murdered by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), has come out to demand justice over the death of his son.

Alhaji Remi Lukman, while speaking on the incident that led to the death of his son, confirmed that on that fateful day, one of the Police officers said he was going to kill someone before leaving the viewing centre and he eventually killed his son.

“My son was murdered here on Sunday , March 31st at about 4.30pm by the Anti-cultism team of police officers. I don’t want anybody framing things up.


“What I really needed was two things. One was immediate, the other procedurally. The immediate one is police report which will enable the mortuary to collect the corpse. The second one which is procedurally is justice over the death of my son. I want those responsible to be fished out and be brought to book.

“All these boys being killed are all youths, they all have potentials. These are the tomorrow of Nigeria. If you just decided willfully after making a statement that you are going to kill somebody here today and you actually killed somebody.

“That was the statement that came out from the mouth of the officer that fired the shot. Thereafter he shot in the air and two stray bullets directed at the crowd, then we need a more organized police force.

“We need a police force that will put the interest of the citizens at heart We need a police force that will dutifully handle their job. We need a police force that will add to the progress of youths, not the one that will be killing them like the one that happened on Sunday. I want the men to be brought to book I want them to be brought to justice. I want them to be giving the justice that is due,” he added.

The Police had yesterday confirmed the arrest of two suspects linked with the killing of Kolade Johnson. The suspects are currently being probed.

The death of Kolade Johnson also sparked up a number of reactions from Nigerians, the Senate and the Presidency.

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