Libido boosting, Unripe plantain effective – Olajide

Libido boosting, Unripe plantain effective – Olajide
Written by Austin Oni

Olaoluwa Olajide who is the Resident Human Resource Officer with the popular Pally Agro Products Limited giving insights on unripe plantains.

He stated that unripe plantain in a special way enhance and boost sexual performance in both sexes.

Mr Olajide further said this is just one of it’s benefits among several other health and anti aging benefits.

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He stated this at the Tru Unripe Plantain Flour official unveiling. The event took place in Lagos last week and was produced by Pally Agro Products.

“Sexual desire is increased when you eat Unripe plantain, this in both sexes. It also boost sperm quantity and quality.

Eating unripe plantains always enhance your sexual activities and improves your performance when it comes to love making,” he stated.

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