lifestyle Has Four Different Characteristics You Need to Checkout

lifestyle Has Four Different Characteristics You Need to Checkout

The difference in the characteristics of the lifestyle compared with the production method.

the production method is to express the interaction and movement law of productivity
and production relations at the level of social form,

1 Comprehensive and specific.

belonging to the object category, mainly involving the field of material production;
It can be expressed as a social lifestyle from the perspective of social form,
or as a group lifestyle and individual lifestyle from different groups and individuals.


Lifestyle belongs to the main category, and it not only involves the field of material production from the
perspective of satisfying the needs of the subject itself.

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It also covers the broader fields of daily life, political life,
and spiritual life of people other than material production activities.

It is a comprehensive concept with a broad extension and a wide range of levels.
Lifestyles at any level and in the field are always expressed through the individual’s specific form, state,
and behavioral characteristics, so lifestyles are characterized by specificities.

2 stability and variability.

Lifestyle is a cultural phenomenon.

The lifestyle under the constraints of certain objective conditions has its own unique development law,
and its activity forms and behavioral characteristics have relative stability and historical inheritance.

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we can see the phenomenon that although a nation has successively replaced several
different social and economic forms in the development of thousands of years,
the inherent lifestyle characteristics of the nation have continued to become the cultural community of the nation.

One of the important signs.

The stability of lifestyle makes it tend to have a tendency to reject new and foreign lifestyles in development.

However, the lifestyle of any country and nation must change with the change of its social conditions or the corresponding changes sooner or later. This change is an important part of the entire social change.

The social change of lifestyle adopts a gradual approach in general and adopts a breakthrough approach in a specific period of social change, and it is expressed as a kind of advancement.

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