Major Benefits of Eating Pear

Written by Gloria Irabor

Pear is a bell-shaped fruit with mild apple flavor and is found in different colors.

Pear comes in about 3000 varieties across the world. It comes with a number of amazing benefits too.

Enhances Immunity

Pear contains a good amount of antioxidants such as Vitamin C as well as copper which help in enhancing body immunity levels. Introducing pear into your diet helps combat illnesses and infections and encourages the healthy functioning of the body as well.

Combats Cancer

Do you know that daily intake of pear can cut down the risks of breast cancer in women? Regular consumption of this fruit even helps protect against colon cancer ; they contain insoluble polysaccharide fiber that acts as a great laxative. Also, the fiber in pears binds to the cancer-causing compounds and the toxins in the colon, thus protecting its mucous membranes and preventing the risks of colon cancer.


Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Pear contains a huge dose of pectin(a soluble fiber which is able to bind to the fatty substances present in the digestive tract and helps flush them out). Pectin also helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol in the body. A good dose of pectin in pears makes them effective in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol.

Good For Pregnant Women

Pears contain a good dose of folic acid which is essential for both the pregnant mother and her baby. Folic acid also protects an unborn child from neural birth defects. Therefore, pregnant women must consume pears regularly.

Protects Your Heart

The high quantity of fibre in pear helps lower cholesterol and protect the heart from several kinds of heart diseases. Intake of foods that are rich in fiber such as pear can reduce the risks of strokes by 50%.

Boosts Energy Levels

Pear contains high amount of glucose which can get easily absorbed by the body and can be converted into energy very quickly.

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