Man Beheads Wife, Then Throws Head Into Canal

Man Beheads Wife, Then Throws Head Into Canal

A man in Hyderabad India has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife at Srinagar colony in the city.

According to the police, the accused, Pradeep Kumar and the victim Manikranti got married in 2015.

Later, they parted ways due to marital disputes.

On Sunday, Pradeep visited Manikranti’s house and beheaded her, after which he dumped her head in a canal, reported on Monday.

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The CCTV footage showed that the accused was running with a sickle in one hand and the severed head in another hand.

The ID of the man who beheaded his wife

Traffic police who saw the accused near a bridge with bloodstains on his shirt informed the police.

The man was then arrested. And for now, the police are on a search for the severed head.

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Manikranti had filed a case of domestic violence against Pradeep some time ago and he was arrested. Pradeep, who was recently released on bail, resorted to the brutal killing to seek revenge, the police said.

This is not the first time of such an incident in Hyderabad. In July, two men in Telangana murdered a man by beheading him, and then took the severed head to the police station and surrendered.

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