Nigeria’s Alex Iwobi Dragged For Disrespecting Rennes Defender (Video)

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Arsenal FC star, Alex Iwobi is the subject of a twitter debate after he told Hamari Traore his breath stinks during their Europa League clash.

Iwobi was dragged on twitter for disrespect after the player after he held his nose during a back and forth with Hamari Traore to imply that the Rennes defender had smelly breath..

Twitter users believe Iwobi would have been labeled racist if he was a white player.

36ng understands that Racism scandals are becoming the most discussed debates topics on social media these days.


Iwobi got into an altercation after coming on in the 70th minute of Arsenal’s 3-0 Thursday night win over Rennes in a Europa League round of 16 game.

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The altercation started when Traore shoved Iwobi causing the Arsenal player to kick back in retaliation.

As the two players went back and forth with each other, Iwobi held his nose as he walked away from the player-an act to imply that Traore had a smelly breath.

Iwobi’s act has caused massive debate on Twitter as many criticised the Arsenal star for disrespect.

Traore was booked for the foul but with more light set to be beamed on the incident, Iwobi could face further punishment as the Latvian referee Andris Treimanis missed the Arsenal midfielder kick off the ball.

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A slew of Twitter users has claimed that Iwobi’s action would have been termed racist if he was on the end of it from a white player.

Others believe the Nigerian midfielder was disrespectful to a fellow professional player while some other Arsenal fans loved the spirited fight from Iwobi.

The debates dominated conversations on Twitter and made Iwobi the number two trending item on Twitter Nigeria.

Even Traore made Twitter Nigeria trends as the conversation dominated conversations.

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