Otedola to Sponsor Christian Chukwu’s Medical Bill of $50,000

Written by Gloria Irabor

Nigerian billionaire businessman and oil magnate, Femi Otedola, has volunteered to pay the $50,000 medical bill of former Nigerian Super Eagles coach Christian Chukwu.

Christian Chukwu is reportedly suffering from prostate cancer which has affected his leg and needs the sum of $50,000 for medical treatment.


The media officer of Enugu Rangers, Norbert Okonkwo, had solicited for funds and support from Nigerians on behalf of the ex-captain Chukwu early in the week.

Christian Chukwu has prostate cancer which affected his leg.
“He had an operation last week and discharged on Thursday but went to stay in a hotel on doctor’s advise to avoid being disturbed by visitors.

“The doctor made this suggestion so that he can recuperate on time. I can confirm to you that Rangers got to know about his situation three weeks ago because the family said they didn’t want it in public space”.

Otedola has however offered to foot the entire cost of the operation as a “token of support to a great Nigerian who served his country to the best of his ability”.

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