Potential in ICT Sector Shows Nigeria’s Preparedness to Digital Economy

Potential in ICT Sector Shows Nigeria’s Preparedness to Digital Economy

Mr. Peter Akinremi, says the possible in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector shows the country’s preparedness toward the digital economy.

Akinremi,  who is also the West Africa Regional organize, African Civil Society for the details Society (ACSIS), an NGO said this in an interview with journalists.

He said that the statistics and growth in internet usage are demonstrations of Nigeria preparedness toward a digital economy and the transition to ICT-driven system and processes.

The expert said that internet access has become an essential commodity in Nigeria and across the globe. He added that “the increase to internet access by Nigerians shows the enormous opportunities in the ICT sector and its perspective to contribute extremely to the economy.

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“ Its impact on every sector of the economy is clearly perceptible and could not be denied.

The Internet has the potential to nourish the quality of education in Nigeria, improve the quality of lives and contribute to poverty reduction. “It also has the capacity to make possible and drive employment and trade opportunities both within the region and across the globe.”

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Akinremi said that the internet has been the engine of access to information and has empowered Nigerians to demand transparency, accountability and good governance.

According to him, ICT has brought about equal footing, financial inclusion, and competition in the delivery of services in the business environment. He said that internet access and usage caused a greater shift in the way businesses were currently conducted.

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The internet has enabled businesses to reach more customers, brand consciousness and to generate profit. “It has given access to data exploration and exploitation for business research to generate leads, tailored and customized adverts.

And more importantly, it has given an opportunity for wide business coverage and access to regional and international markets,” he said. (NAN)

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