Protest crackdown, Sudan denies more than 100 killed

Protest crackdown, Sudan denies more than 100 killed
Written by Austin Oni

Sudanese government said countless numbers of people lost their life in a crackdown on protesters.

On the other hand doctors denied the rumour that the death toll has topped 100.

This as heavily armed paramilitaries secured the disturbed capital.


Associates of the Rapid respond Force, who the rights groups trace origins to the Janjaweed militias of Darfur.

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They were seen on the streets of Khartoum moving around on Thursday in trucks.

The trucks were mount with machine guns and rocket launchers, a witnesses revealing this yesterday.

A raid by security forces on monday following a long running sit in outside the army headquarters.

This marked the commencement of a brutal crackdown on protesters asking for civilian rule.

The Central Committee for Sudanese Doctors yesterday said that forty bodies was retrieve from the Nile.

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This raising the death toll to about 108 or more.

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