R Kelly Goes Broke, Account Balance Goes Negative

Written by Gloria Irabor

R&B singer, R. Kelly is reportedly bankrupt and is left with negative $13 account balance. in Bank of America.

This is coming after over $150,000 was seized from him and used to settle the debt owed to his Chicago landlord.

His landlord had won a $173,000 settlement against the singer and the court left the embattled performer with no less $650 in his accounts.

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However, when that landlord tried to recoup a remainder debt of nearly $20,000 still owed him, Wintrust Bank claimed Kelly’s account with them was $13 in the red.

R Kelly’s landlord is reportedly asking Sony, Kelly’s recording label, to pay the remaining debt. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher have also been asked to release funds on behalf of R Kelly, but the songwriters organization claims they don’t owe him anything.

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Kelly was recently charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal s*xual abuse and is at the risk of bagging up to 70 years jail term if convicted.

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