See the Pilot Who Flew Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302

Written by Gloria Irabor

Senior Captain Yared Getachew was the one who piloted the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 that crashed yesterday with 157 passengers on board.

Getachew is one pilot the airline describes as one with a commendable performance with more than 8,000 hours flying experience.


He was assisted on the flight by First Officer Ahmed Nur Mohammod who had 200 hours flying experience.

“My cousin was the one piloting this plane,” Mohamed said on Twitter . “He was like a brother to me.”

“With his impeccable record as a pilot, he was one of the youngest in Ethiopian Airlines history to captain a Boeing 737,” Getachew’s relative, Adnan Mohammed wrote on Twitter hours after the crash.

“As a confident captain, his seniority at Ethiopian Airlines comes with an accomplished record of 8,000 hours flight time, and has made us incredibly proud of his achievements”, he said.

Boeing, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, and other international stakeholders have begun investigations on the cause(s) of the crash.

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