See What Pregnant Female Pastor Wore to Church

Written by Gloria Irabor

Controversy has set in on social media after a pregnant female pastor in Kenya was spotted with a dress revealing her thighs.

Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba of Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kimwarer, Kenya, wore a dress with a long front slit which exposed her thighs while preaching during church service.


Most social media users felt that the ‘woman of God’ exposed too much of her thighs, that could mislead many of her congregants while some felt she has a choice to wear whatever she wants considering her pregnant state.

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See some comments below:

” Waah,,,, all fake,,how do you go to church dressed that way,,on the pulpit,” said Maria Ondiso.

“She’s just ok. I can’t see any problem with her. You said Owuor’s follower puts on magunia…let her wear that’s her dress choice,” said Lilian Engesia.

“We are aware of the devils tricks to bring down the church of Christ. Even if that lady was in a club, social media will attach church, give titles to her as a pastor to make the world not believe in the gospel.

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