South Korea Legalizes Abortion

Written by Gloria Irabor

The ban on abortion in South Korea has been lifted, following a landmark ruling by the country’s Constitutional Court.

Out of nine judges, seven ruled that outlawing abortion was unconstitutional.

After the lifting of the 66year old ban, there was an uproar and shouts of relief broke from hundreds of protesters outside the courthouse.

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The protesters consists of women’s rights activists, legal and medical experts and feminist scholars whose joy knew no bounds after years of campaigning for the laws’ repeal.

Before now, the purnishment for women who had abortions in South Korea was one year in prison with a fine of about $1,780while doctors who helped terminate such pregnancies would face 2years jail term.

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Abortion was criminalized in South Korea in 1953, with exceptions for rape, incest and genetic disability. Termination of pregnancies after 20 weeks was however illegal regardless of what the case might be.

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