Tips of Foods To Be Eaten Before Playing Sport

Best Foods To Be Eaten Before Playing Sport

9 Foods that you could eat to give you more energy as a sport person

1. Cereals

Whole grain cereals are a great way to get your energy into your body, especially if you’re going to be active in the morning.

Avoid the sugary cereals if possible, the types of breakfast you want to be aiming for are things like porridge oats or granola, topped with reduced fat milk or soya milk.


 2. Bananas 

Banana’s are one of the best pre-game foods that you can have, hence why you see so many professional athletes eating them before, during and after they have played their sport.

They’re very rich in potassium, a mineral that is essential when trying to optimize your performance levels on the pitch as it aids the movement of muscles, your bodies water levels and also helps prevent the dreaded cramp.

3. Whole grain toast

I’m sure most people like a round or two of toast from time to time, so before playing sport, try and make sure you’re eating whole grain toast. Whole grain bread contains nutritious B vitamins, iron, magnesium and fiber, the goodness that is taken out of white bread.

The great thing about bread and toast is that you can have it with a lot of other foods that make up a great pre-game meal.

4. Baked beans 

If you love your beans on toast in the morning, as many of us do, then there’s no need for you to stop.

Baked beans are packed full of protein and fiber and contain hardly any fat, making them a cheap and tasty option for you before a game.

5. Water

Okay, this isn’t technically classed as a food, but hydrating your body with the correct amount of water is paramount.

According to the American Council on Exercise, you should be consuming 17 to 20 ounces (at least half a liter) of water two to three hours before playing sport.

6. Yogurt 

Eating yogurt as part of a balanced diet is important and it can provide you with a very healthy and beneficial breakfast before a big game.

Being a dairy product, it provides you with a good source of calcium, a significant mineral to both bone and muscle strength.

Try to make sure the yogurt you’re eating has low levels of sugar and other additives in, mixing yogurts such as Greek-style yogurt with some fruit in the morning will inject your body with some fantastic nutrients.

7. Chicken 

Chicken is one of the healthiest meats you can consume when you consider how high in vitamins and minerals and low in fat it is. 

The meat is packed full of protein and can be eaten and prepared in a variety of ways. We can decide to add some to your favorite meals, such as pasta. It is also an easy way to get a first-class pre-sport meal into your body. 

8. Rice 

Brown or long grain white rice is another food that is a great source of carbohydrates. Rice is easy to prepare and goes with plenty of your favorite foods, such as meat and vegetables, that will provide you with a strong pre-sport meal.

In many respects, rice and pasta are very similar and with both, portion control is important. Don’t overdo it and consume too many carbohydrates before playing sport, as this will direct blood to your digestive system instead of your muscles when you become active.

A general rule to consumption is to eat between 20 to 40 grams of carbohydrates one to two hours before playing sport.

9. Pasta

Pasta is full of carbohydrates, which slowly release their energy, so your cardiovascular levels are maintained throughout. These healthy carbohydrates can be easily digested, allowing your body to use the energy quickly.

I’m pretty sure most of us will have asked their parents to serve up a huge plate of pasta the night before a big game. The Italian dish is popular with top-level athletes too and there is a good reason for this. 

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