Why You Should Eat Coconuts During Pregnancy

Written by Gloria Irabor

Coconut is an exotic drink that is good for a pregnant woman. It supplies all the valuable vitamins and minerals for the whole nine months of pregnancy.

The nut inside this fruit is presented by a thick pulp with a juice in the very core of the fruit, which can be easily eaten. It is rich in all useful elements such as mineral salts, vitamin B, lauric acid, choline, and potassium. And all of these are necessary for both mother and child.

The coconut by itself is not harmful since its components do not contain anything that can change the cells structure or somehow severely affect the whole organism.


However, not all women can eat this fruit during this period especially those that suffer from food allergy. So if you belong to this category, eating coconuts at this time might lead to an allergic reaction and might affect your baby.

Nevertheless, if you do not suffer from allergies, you are greatly welcome to eat it as much as you wish. Because coconut on its own can relieve a pregnant woman from unwanted heartburn, normalize the stool, the blood cholesterol level, strengthen the heart, and even improve your sight.

Here are some features to look out for when buying a fresh healthy coconut:

1. The nutshell must have a uniform color without any stains or damage.

2. There should be no mold or rot on the coconut shell.

3. You can hear the juice splash when shaking the fresh fruit.

4. Easy tapping can also determine its freshness. If the tapping sound is dull, the fruit is likely to be over dry and not tasty.

5. Also, if you have already bought bad dried fruit, its juice will have a sour smell.

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