Yul Edochie’s Daughter Clocks 14 (Photos)

Written by Gloria Irabor

Danielle Edochie, the first child of prominent Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie yesterday celebrated her 14th birthday.


Yul who is the son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie shared a photo of his daughter on his Instagram page.

“And my daughter turned 14yrs old today. A very happy birthday to you, my first child, Danielle (cutie-cutie) Yul-Edochie. May the Almighty God protect and guide you in all you do all the days of your life and may you be much greater than your father. AMEN! Repost from @mayyuledochie using @RepostRegramApp – See who turned 14 today. Wow! My lil’ Danielle is a big gurl now. Happy birthday sweet child! God bless you always. Lots of love n kisses. ”

Yul is married to May and they have 3 kids together- Danielle (Dani), Karl and Kambi.

Right now, Dani already holds an endorsement deal as she partners with her dad to promote a line of electronics (smart watches and tablets) for kids from the brand called Ninos that enables parents to determine their children’s location at every point in time.

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