Zimbabwe sold Almost 100 Elephants to Dubai and China

zimbabwe elephant
Written by Austin Oni

Over six years, Zimbabwe has sold almost 100 elephants to foreign countries.

China and Dubai on top of the list with the animals earning the country a total of $2.7 million.

This was reveal by the country’s wildlife agency today, citing overpopulation as a reason for disposing the animals.


Tinashe Farawo, the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesman stating that Zimbabwe’s elephants were overcrowding national parks.

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Further citing that the animals encroaches into human settlements. They destroy farms and also pose as a risk to human settlements.

“He said, we have over 84,000 elephants against the initial capacity of 50,000”, Hereby, justifying the deal.

“We don’t take the adequate use of resources for granted, so we have to sell few of the elephants to cater for the rest.

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